simulation 3D

i have an image in color and i want to put it on the facce of a cube
and have kin of a simulated 3D egffect -like if it wa carved out or in
i’v tried the nor (yellow or black ) but no 3D effect just flat on the usrface

is there a way to set it up to get this 3D effect

note: i can do it if i don’t put the color on


You could try turning the Normal slider way up (like to 5 or 10).

Something I noticed in a test I just did is that the bump effect (normal) is harder to see if the color is applied as well. Since you’re using the same image for color and for bump, the color obscures the bump pretty easily.

I loaded an image and turned on Nor only and I could see the bump effect, even with the Nor slider set low, like at 0.5. As soon as I turned on Col, the bump became almost impossible to see, unless I positioned the light just right (directly across from the camera). Once I turned the Nor slider up to about 5 the bumpiness was quite visible.

EDIT: RGB textures don’t always make the best bump maps. You could make a higher contrast version in grayscale and use it just for the bump map, and use the original one for color.

i pushed the nor up to 15 and 20 and the color seems to cancel the 3D effect

may be with the BW pic as a bump

i’ll try it tomorrow


read this
MApping\Manual-Bump and Normal Maps - BlenderWiki.mht
render of suzanne in the book

not very good - it looks that is not even loading a picture ?
try it with the real thing here is the pic
i ned a little bit of 3D just to say you can see it come out of the cube
if it can be done on a cube’s face - may be i will have to put it up on a plane ?


Hmm…I used the above picture as a texture and mapped both Col and Nor (nor at 5.0) and it works.

Not sure why it doesn’t work on your end. Maybe it’s the lighting?

it looks like you used a plane

i’ll try it

but i used the face of a cube
try it for the fun


what did you use

one image texture
col and nor yello black white
nor slider at 10
disp on or not