SIMULATION DEV: Cool video of effector and wind enhancements by Genrich

Found the link on CGTalk, a really cool video on effector enhancements like noise for wind. What’s neat is how he allows the simulation to happen seemingly in realtime in the 3D view. He opens a window and the cloth immediately starts blowing.

looks like fun

Is it in SVN already?

Yes, since rev 16176 last monday.


Actually, he’s hitting play in the timeline window which starts to do the sim, the selects and rotates the window in the 3d view while it’s still playing. That’s why it seems to work “live.” The transform while time flies trick doesn’t work with Alt-A playing.

Don’t forget to turn on Continuous Physics too.


this is fricken awesome !!!

this is fricken awesome !!!

Quoted for agreement, because I couldn’t say it any better :slight_smile:

What about fluid control? Is it in SVN too?

Not yet, but it has its own branch (fluidcontrol or some such).