Simulation of a real world spot light with cable attached to it at multiple points

Hi Blender folks,

I’d like to simulate the behavior of a spot light which exists in reality. The spot light is called “Aim” by the company “Flos”.

As you can see, the spot is connected to its cable at two points. The cable itself is connected to the ceiling at two further positions. My goal is to build up a simulation where I can easily modify some parameters and let the “look” of the cables become simulated by Blender’s physics engine automatically:

  • position A where cable is attached to ceiling
  • position B where cable is attached to ceiling
  • the length of the cable segments between each “fix” point

I already tried a number of approaches using “soft body” and “cloth” simulation, where I hooked an “empty” to some pinned CVs.
One of the problems is that once I move an “empty” to another position the chain of vertices becomes pulled apart, creating quite a long “edge” between the “hooked” vertex and its neighbor. The simulation then interprets this as some sort of “stiff” segment…
…it would be great if Blender would “re-balance” the distances of all points to each other during the cause of the simulation.
Also, how can a “rigid” object (like the actual spot) be properly attached to such a “physics” cable?

Thanks a lot!