Simulation of movable joint

Hi every one,

I have two bars and I want to connect them together by some springs or elastic strings. Is this possible, and how?


Can you be more specific?
Post an image or a photo of what you’re trying to model.

I want to connect the objects similar to the atached pictures. The lower object is fixed and the upper object is movable.


I am not sure if Modeling section is the right place to ask for animation and physics simulation, but here are some links that might be usefull.

Also check the blend file belo that simulates some sort of spring connection in it’s simplest setup using softbody modifier, just hit Alt+A to play the simulation


untitled.blend (131 KB)

would it be possible to have a small tut explaining how it is done

it’s a very interesting shaking shall we say

and i would like to have a better understanding of this thing
when you look at it - it’s moving like a second order damp swinging
in terms of physical simulation which is very intersting
because this could be apply to a lot of other physical of phenomenom


Here is the explanation!
I hope it’s understandable.