Simulation tools packege
Some features include: Magnets (simple simulation, but still useful), springs (and yes, the spring between them is shown and stretched the right amount), Newtonian Gravity(not shown in screenie). Last but most: Material simulation. Material simulation autopythonicly creates constraints and breaks the constraint if too high a force is applyed. And the user has a variety of settings to set for the material. Note: All my example material sims are single layer thick (like cloth), but it works for multilayer thick also.

This isn’t a finished project but will go on, I have vague plans to do some documentation, the most boring part.

Very last and very most: Get the .blend at

There are several scenes to checkout. It’s recommended to “enable all frames”

Coeeeeel !!! very nice, I tried to implement the Gravity myself but it was too hard :-(.

I hope these things soon will be full implemented (in a new Version of Blender).

what is it actually for? it works nice, but is it usefull for animation of just any objects(could you deform single mesh with the tearing cloth simulation?), or is it supposed to be just a nice-to-watch thing?

So good to see guys making this kind stuff! Good luck.

The springs can be used to augment the in-game dynamics engine, wanna use the spring catapult to send that ragdoll a flyin’. The materials sim can be used with metaballs to get an animation of something breaking and interacting with rigid bodies. Of course, there are other uses also.