Simulator script???

Hi all…

Just wondering if there is a script available that is able to allow elements within GameBlender to be activated or signalled by objects within Windows?

An example would be…
allowing a GameBlender file be affected by a certain time on the windows clock

but what i would really like to do is create a simulator wihtin GameBlender that gets realtime signals from an actual device that can send bits of data into Windows. I’m hoping that GameBlender can see those bits, and simulate an action onscreen. This would have to work in the reverse direction also, GameBlender sending a signal back to Windows, and back to my device.

Does any such script exist???
Would it be possible to do this?

Thanks in advance

anythign such as that i’ve been led to believe you need to write custom IO scripts that incorporate Python’s device abilities, nothign in blender really does that.