Simultaneous Vertex Connection

I have been making lot’s of structures that use trusses and towers in their designs. I work on sections subdividing edges and selecting vertexes and “manually” connecting “two”vertexes with the “f” key.

I have some more advanced designs which involve modeling complex arched trusses. I need to speed up the process by selecting all of the vertexes that I need to connect as edges and make the edges all at once. The two by two vertex selection and “f” key method is insanely slow for more complex work.

Is there a simple script that allows you to select multiple vertexes and simultaneously connect them all point to point in a linear fashion? Thanks.

sure that can be scripted, I don’t think I’ve seen a script do that yet, but it shouldn’t be too hard… actually… might be a good way to learn python :stuck_out_tongue: