Simultaneous views from different cameras

I’m trying to figure out how to get simultaneous views from different cameras in a scene for modelling purposes. If I have several photos of an object and know the position/rotation/fov of the camera when they were taken, I can create corresponding cameras within blender and set the appropriate photo as a background image.

I’ve tried to set different 3D views to different camera views using View > Cameras > Camera.001 (etc) but it changes the active camera to the one selected in the menu, and all the 3D views set to camera view then change to the active camera.

What I’d love is to only change that specific 3D view. Otherwise I’m constantly changing back and forth to figure out where things are, which makes things rather tedious.

Does anyone know if this is a bug in the View > Cameras menu, or just not the way Blender’s designed to work?


rather than using cameras, one way you could try this is to use view/background image.
different images can be used in different views.
the other way, although it could interfere with modeling, would be to map the images to planes, set up for the views you want.
there’s two ways to get your reference images into Blender.
depending on what your modeling, it could be better anyway to work from a single view at a time, map out the front, then the sides, then the back.
hope this helps.

the workaround for this this is to select the camera you want, accordingly to the view you want and set the photo, and press ctrl-0 each time …

and, of course, setting the cam and viewport image background, for each window …

So you can have different cameras assigned to each view … Just type ctrl-0 each time on the window you to !