Simultaneously play all NLA Edtitor tracks?

I can only get the NLA Editor to play one track at a time. For me to see how all the tracks fit together I need see all of them play simultaneously. Can this be done?

I got it from Avastar tech support that mutiple NLA track renderings are not yet supported. It is a todo for the release after next one coming out soon.

You can get one track to add to another track or fade into another track… and you can get tracks to control different bones in an armature… what is it you want to happen?

What I want to happen is just what you describe as possible. But only the selected track gets rendered into the animation. I expect if I disable Avastar it will render all tracks as it should. When I have time I will test this. As for now it is sufficient for one track to render.

There is a mute button next to each track (speaker icon) but there isn’t a separate mute for viewprot and render like there is with modifiers and other things.