sin, a little nudity :)


<Image removed by moderator>





I will never recover from this moment…

Well, compared to Gigererotica, this is pretty mild.

if you think thats bad you are very sheltered
ive seen things that would give you nightmeres

Congratulations on making a very broad generalization about my life based on an (sarcastic) attempt at humor posted in an art forum.

You’re a genius. (<-sarcasm)

Ooooo, we are touchy aren’t we?

Damn straight. If someone tries to accuse me of being “sheltered” (although, I admit, that’s not a terrible insult) I’m going to stand up for myself.

Touchy? No.

Stoic? Yes.

(I love to boost my own ego!) :smiley:


I removed the image from your post. Although the image isn’t that explicit, we don’t allow any depictions of sexual acts, artistic or not.


Genjix, I haven’t seen the image (the mod got here first :wink: ), but you can probably find a lot less censorship at Concept Art, which is a great site for 2D (and 3D) artists in general.

For the record. We have no problem with artistic nudity. But sexual acts with aliens is taking it a bit too far.

Every site has its own standards and they should always be respected – no problems with that. Some are just more liberal in terms of specific content. Please don’t take a reference to a more liberal site as a slam on this site’s standards, that wasn’t the intention at all.