Sin City type animation project


Just a few screenshots of a comic style animation project i’m trying. Early days yet but I’m hopeful.

Nice! How long did it take to make this?

Hey man,

It’s a side project so only on and off about six to seven hours. It actually get’s faster the more I do because I can reuse some buildings. I’m not going to use a particle system with this one, the city is going to be planned.

Nice. Won’t it be a lot for your computer to handle?

Probably, I have a very beefy computer though so i’m hoping to power through. It’s not as bad as it looks though as there’s no textures involved just geometry. The freestyle lines take the longest to render. If it gets too bad I’ll have to think of something, maybe chop the city up into quarters and only render a piece where the scene is set.

If anyone has any ideas im open…

Do you have a story line?

Yeah, I have lots of time at work to myself so it’s coming along. Probably not completely original but I’m exited. It sounds silly when I type it here but in my head it’s cool.

Basically a cross between Sin City, Watchmen and The Authority. Mega points to anyone who knows who The Authority are…

Watchmen? I’d love to see a model of Rorschach on a rooftop. Also, The Authority? I barely remember that series.

Funnily enough it opens with a character on a rooftop.

I really like your building designs.

Thank you. I’m just making it up as I go along. The fact that it’s comic book style means that I can cheat and not add many details.

I like that style a lot. It’s something I can use, since I’m limited in computer power, so I’m just watching and taking notes. :wink: