Working on a submission for CGC.
Decided to create an homage for my favorite singer.
Still developing the scene, but my main focus is on the mic and- the hat!

nice piece ! the mic looks good , i realy like the fedora !
Bleu moon :wink:

Nice! I like the mic and the hat.
So maybe just for me the wooden floor displacement behind the hat seems a bit strange (but it’s maybe just a personal impression)

Thanks, malhomsi.
Looking at this now, I think I’ll leave it pretty much like this, with just a few small details to make it more interesting. And perhaps see if the hat needs some more work.

Thanks, zouzou.
Hmmm I’ll check the wood thing. Although strange is not necessarily bad :wink:

So basically, I’ve decided to keep the close up and the composition as is, and just work on the details.
As you can see, I’ve added a setlist.
I also played a bit with the glossiness and overlay of the floor. Will probably dial back the floor’s displacement, depending on the amount of gloss. And will add stains on the hat band.
Pretty sure I’ll call it done later on today.