Since 2.66a BGE doesn't load textures on some ATI cards.(please ATI owners help!)


We are working on a project(serious game). We always develop under linux/nvidia, but we need to test the game on many machines as posible. The last successful windows build we did was with 2.65a. It ran well under every machine we tested it.

Then we did builds with 2.66a, but we had problems with two computers:

  • One with a computer with an ATI Mobility Radeon™ X2300, windows7(x32) default drivers(I personally did the test): It’s running but it’s not loading textures.
  • Other with a Sony vaio with an AMD Radeon HD 6470M(I didn’t do that test): The one who did the tests say that is crashing(I’ll try to give more information).

Then we did a build with 2.67a. The game crashed. I think that the problem is related to

Saving this crash, we had the same problem with the textures as before with 2.66a.

So I did a test file. It’s only a plane with a texture. With 2.65a it loads the texture, with 2.66a and 2.67a it doesn’t.(X2300 computer)

So it would be really helpful if ATI users can test the file and tell if the texture loads or not, under 2.65a and under 2.66a/2.67a. It would be great if you can test it under windows and under linux too.
It would help to report the problem and make bge compatible with many computers as posible.

Thanks to all!


test.blend (532 KB)

I had the same problem (it is there since 2.65) and opened a bug for that. I guess it is the same problem as I use an ATI GPU too.

Thanks for the response Monster. I have the same issue, but 2.65a is running fine for me.

windows xp pro 32 ATI mobility radeon x1600: 2.65a textures load fine. 2.66a and 2.67a doesn’t.
windows 7 home 32 ATI mobility radeon x2300: 2.65a textures load fine. 2.66a and 2.67a doesn’t.
windows 7 pro 64 AMD Radeon HD 6470M: has problems since 2.66a (I need to ask to know exactly what happens).

I can see correctly the textures on 3D view, it only fails on bge. Ton hint doesn’t improve nothing in this case.

Then I do not know. You might open a bug in this case.

My textures did not work since 2.66, in blender viewport textures are visible but not during actual game. After updating my graphics driver it works again. (ATI Radeon HD4850)

Testing on ubuntu 12.04 64bit amd a10 5800k APU 4 gigs of ram Blender 2.67a, hit “P” and all I see is the Blender logo, is that ok?

Same here, I noticed the drivers that came with my new machine were out of date and installed the new ones, poof the textures worked again.

The last driver update came out early this year, so if the date on yours is anywhere in 2012 or earlier, you should update them.

Thanks to all :slight_smile:

But it mean that bge broke compatibility with old ATI cards that have no new drivers after 2012¿? Like for example X1600 and X2300 and maybe some laptops that can’t use latest ati catalyst(like sony vaio) and has old driver support from sony.

For example:

Specs: (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 Graphics)

Drivers: (Graphics Driver (ATI) - 8.723.8.2 64 bits229.12 Mb 19/11/2010)

@Aryok your test was ok!