since I am asking questions tonight anyaway (spotlight halos

(macouno) #1

Ok I’ve seen some wonderfull images by people with halo spots (volumetric lighting right)

But what I mean particularly is things with perhaps a number of small windows or a large grid with bits of halo sticking through each opening… Now I’d try to take 1 big spot to make that effect happen and fail every time.

is the only way to do this to create a spot for each opening and setting it up to be just wide enough and so forth, or can it be done with a single spot as well??

if so then how?

(macouno) #2

AH… well as before… I just had to look a bit further than the tip of my nose… The halo step value needed to be increased… ahem.

Know what… I won’t ask any more questions tonight :wink: