Since no suggestions

Since no one gave any suggestong an a scene I should draw… I drew another girl ;] boy am I evil!

hahahahaha, nice!

great foreshortening, as always, although the image does lack depth… at least colour it, if you arent going to make any effort to draw anything else!

hm… thanks

I would like to color, but basicly all my drawings are done on the bus, and after 30 mins I get motion sickness, that why I’m usally lazy on these things.

I actrally drew some scenes for once, but im not allowed to show them since they are the propery of my work =_+… oh well I’ll draw some more i guess and be able to show them.

you should try to draw with a pen and china ink it’s really worth practising.

you mean those pens you dip into ink? tried that years ago, I got feed up when ink plotted onto my drawing,

yes, buy a better pen :slight_smile: i have a conté one, very cheap and durable, and i can shake my pen like crazy without any problems

theres nothing wrong with ink spots.


lol, :smiley: well, your spots are artistic…