Since the dawn of time

There have been discoveries and inventions that have changed the course of humanity throughout our course of events. I would like to make a list of these things.

I will start with fire…

toilet paper

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and I guess the next one would be English, hehe.

we could have a parallel thread about bad inventions too, like … nuclear hand grenades etc

Good or bad, it does not matter. I just wanted people’s input. You folks are petty imaginative and I thought that I would ask. It is for a little project that I am interested in. No big thing, yet I will thank you in advance. It might be interesting as well if you included whether or not such things are/were good or bad in your opinion.


I think I would go with the Internal Combustion Engine. Good or Bad there are few things in History that have had such a far reaching effect as the good old Diesel and Otto-cycle engines.

pop tarts, good invention
and then they made go-tarts, great invention

edit, well actualy go-tarts taste like bleh so they arent that great…but you can still take them anywhere XD

a project you say? oh, well then
metal tools
domestication for farming
the seeding machine, mccormicks reaper, and combines
the telegraph
the lightbulb
the generator (electricity)
the radio and electron tube
the tv
the printing press
the integrated circuit
the telphone
the republican form of government, ie democracy restrained by constitution
the airplane
the flame thrower
the atom bomb (good invention, set the world back on track and saved japan from fighting to the last man)
place value system
earth is sphere
that should get you started

No ones mentioned the internet? Thats gotta be something which has dramatically changed humanity, and continues to do so.

edit Not to mention computers

reinforced concrete
internal combustion engine
penicilan (spelling?)
printing press
list of inventions on Wikipedia

Human Unperfection

Following the introduction of the horse collar to Europe by the 920s (and by 1000 AD at the latest), the use of horses for ploughing became widespread in Europe by the 12th century. Horses work roughly 50 percent faster than oxen. Using horses (and a slightly improved plow), peasant farmers could produce a surplus. A surplus gave them goods to trade at crossroads markets on weekends. Markets soon turned into towns. Towns meant some folks could give up farming and just make goods for sale. A proliferation of such goods meant some people could live purely by buying and selling. Hence the horse collar played a pivotal role in ending the feudal system and launching the rise of Europe.

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which could be either a good or a bad invention

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

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