Singin' in the Rain (WC116)

Something for WC116 (Favorite Movie Scenes theme). This particular scene was inspired by a movie called Singin’ in the Rain…

Please click here to see the image.

Blender 2.34 (optimized version), pure. Only procedural textures were used (bricks are “real” objects). Particles were used to simulate fast falling rain. The character was rigged too for posing purposes.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


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Wow, this have a painting - like quality to it (zoom to 200% and see…)

Very nice. A favorite scene of minel. I was thinking of doing something from it as well. I am glad I didnt now :-?

Really amazing render!! Great face and body but the clouthing need a bit word. Perhaps you could create little rimples in the jacked under the arm and so

Really nice so far

amazing job…but work a bit on the libs, mouth and eyes!

Fantasic work, Robert! Looks really good. The whole scene has a realistic feel to it, but I think that the bricks don’t fit in well with it. I think they should be ‘flatter’…

Just a thought.

Wire! Wire!



Beautiful work Robertt.

Seems to look more reflective than wet. But that is my only crit.


I voted for you if you haven’t noticed Robertt, particulary because the pic is just near flawless and impressive.

Rain looks nice, as do modeling. Texturing is good too, but some objects just do not seem to fit in the rest of the scene, like his umbrella. It has almost photoreal feel to it and all other textures seem to miss that.

Modeling and the pose of the figure is good. But the lighting could be a bit more focused.