singing and dancing

(NateTG) #1

Im working on an animation that involves a couple of characters singing and dancing to music. I got the lip syncing, but how can I get them to dance on beat? If they were’nt singing, I could have a little freedom, but since the mouths have to line up, the dancing animation (just a little hip swaying) has to be right on time. Any suggestions? I think i basically need to know how many frames between beats (?).

thanks in advance.

(RipSting) #2

I would work on the body movements before going on to the lip-syncing. Physical body movement and expression is much more effective then accurate lip-syncing. Just go watch Final Fantasy again. Make sure to put in the small details- they’re the things that separate a rigid mannequin from fluidic/twitchy human movements.

(NateTG) #3

ok, thanks for the tip. but how do you time the body movements to the music? trial and error? or is there someway to figure out the number of frames between beats?

(hannibar) #4

there’s a tool called magpie that can help you in this case. Do a search on google.

(dante) #5

Its a problem as old as animation. :slight_smile: I personaly use cool edit to do these sorts of things, but Magpie is free. If you just need some hip swaying, I would time a single measure of the music to give me an idea of when the movement should happend. No matter what tho, its going to take a fair bit of planning…

(NateTG) #6

thanks all. i ended up whipping up a little dos proggie in which you press space bar to the beat of the music ( :o ) and it figures out the number frames between each beat (based on your fps), then averages them all to get a better estimation. i then used that number to time my animation.

it worked pretty well, i think. :-?

nate :expressionless:

(dante) #7

Cool! Can I get a copy of that to play with? :slight_smile:

(seval) #8

No program needed. Figure out the beats per minute…match that with the frames per minute… do the math.

(NateTG) #9

seval: how do you figure out the bpm? count them? while looking at a stopwatch? too much work. plus its not very accurate.

good idea tho. :smiley:

dante: ya, ill give you it once i make it a bit more user-friendly. :wink:

(seval) #10

Okay, Okay. I cannot assume that everyone uses music programs here. Counting the bpm is not that difficult…but if you want TRUE accuracy, there are alot of freeware programs out there to help. What you want to look for is a beat matching program…usually used to match the beat of one song to the next song that it would fade to ( for deejays ). These programs will give an accurate bpm count.