single best CG ever.

(Nayman) #1

in your oppinion, what is the best pecie of CG you have ever seen, by best i mean most photo real.

If you have a clip or picture, post it!

(Goofster) #2

this picture keeps amazing me. Best texturing job i’ve ever seen:

(@ce) #3

I agree goof…altho…well…Lord of the Rings sure was great…almost everything is cg :D…or computer…enhanced in someway…

(VanPelt) #4

I like this one very much… and almost everything from is amazing:


(Nayman) #5

i think this one is pretty good

foreground man is Cg![/img]

(Goofster) #6

nayman, the texture on that front model is a photo right? that’s cheating :slight_smile:

(rwv01) #7

Dude! even if it is… :o

(Nayman) #8

no its not a photo, its a texture map… that guy is pure cg.

forget where i found it.

the artist is in the background

(Goofster) #9

I mean the texture on the guy’s face is a photo. UVtexture, texturemap. call it what you want. I can model a sphere, put my head on it and it would look nice (well, apart from my face :slight_smile: )

(pofo) #10

It would be easier with a plane, won’t even have to bother with the UV stuff :wink:

(rwv01) #11

Ah, I think what Nayman means is that the textures were actually painted by the artist. I saw a similar work not long ago. It can be done.

Just not by me for sure!

(Nayman) #12

it was painted… but also, the mesh is quite impressive, no?

i mean, the nose, ears, hat, shirt, eyes… those are al modled

(pofo) #13

Yes the model is very good, not perfect, but very good. Still it’s the textures that make it exceptional.
Too bad he didn’t make something that doesn’t exist in reality, this is good enough that it looks pretty much like a photo if one doesn’t look too close. Not much fun.

Oh, by the way Nayman, “ears”?

(acasto) #14

There is some excellent models on this site:

I think it said they’re done with maya and photoshop.

(Ecks) #15

I dont think this is the best artist…but he is one of my favorite.
(I am a big fan of starship/battletech moddeler)

Here is the site of verybad!!!

(Schlops) #16

IMHO some of the pictures from the “Polygon Economy series” by Jeremy A. Engleman kick a$$, especially (Warning! Nudity!) Only 480 polygons, unbelievable. :o

(ZoltarX) #17

Hi All,

My favorite CG image is this one by a guy using Lightwave:

If you have the bandwidth, try downloading this advertisment-like animation (approx 10MB)

IMHO this guy is a CG god, setting a whole new standard for vehicle CG. Check out his other work if you have the time.

I see no reason why this quality of vehicle work can’t be done in Blender. It’s the detail which makes it great! (Maybe with the help of an external renderer - he says he uses HDRI and radiosity - could we do something like this using fake GI in Blender?).

Interested in comments…


(IngieBee) #18

480 polygons? No way??? belly button doesn’t look like it’s in the right place??? is it just me?

Of course, mine isn’t in the right place either, it’s supposed to be 3 inches farther toward my spine, LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

(Schlops) #19

I saw a wireframe render of another picture from the series (~960 polygons), so it seems to be true.

Come on Ingie, just love your belly button :stuck_out_tongue:

(joecool) #20

yeah, ingie, gosh! You love everything else, why not your belly button!? :stuck_out_tongue: