Single hair growth cycle.

Hello everyone!

Im currently working on hair growth cycle video and can’t figure out how to animate hair string to look realistic.

I tried to grow it with bones which looks stiff as hell.

I tried to grow it by attaching hooks to sphere loopcuts and then follow path - works fine, but when scaled it gets messy

I tried to grow it with bevel along path which was the best result, however I couldn’t use desired mesh object (hair string mesh) - only curve.

All I want to do is just make my hair string mesh to grow up like a plant timelapse.

Few thoughts on experimentation; Hair Length setting can be animated. So go from zero to full hair length. Hair material can be animated; the transparency of the hair-end can be animated along the hair to make it more visible as time passes.

Yea, I know you can grow hair particles, but I want to animate just a single hair. The anatomical view, hair particles are just curves.


Have you tried using two separate objects? One for the base of the hair, and one for the hair itself?

Here’s a quick test:

That is an idea, but how to make it look more fluent and less stiffy?

I tried that (cant show you .blend file bcz its too large) it is quite good option, however I don’t have control over mesh, which looks very poor and fake. If I just could make hair mesh deform along curve.