Single Hotkey Cycle vert/edge/face

Is there a way to do this? I would like to assign spacebar to cycle between the 3 modes. 1/2/3 doesn’t suit me.


This one is not cycling between subobject modes, but I like single key solutions better myself for these things so you might want to check the awesome pie menu solutions in machinetools -

Thanks, I’ve been using Machin3tools pretty much from day 1 in 2.80. :wink: Although the pie way of switching is a pain.
It’s a pity Blender hasn’t got the ability to assign multitap hotkeys.

haha, might be just me being used to it when working in maya :smiley: I think it’s awesome, but yes, it’d be pretty handy to have the option to cycle between settings using the same key (I guess there could be a way, similar to the g - gg edgeslide thing)

Yeah mate, I’m coming from Max where I have space bar set up to cycle. I also have a lot of multitap hotkeys in Max. I’ve no room left on the keyboard with Blender. lol. You’re lucky with your Maya marking menu experience. :slight_smile:

Ah, gotcha - makes sense. I guess it would be handy for many people out there, first thing I did when I switched to 2.8 was to look for a way around having to press 1-2-3 all the time. Another would be to put select/translate/scale/rotate on q/w/e/r but I’m too scared to fiddle with hotkeys in blender. Using too many addons.

It seems there’s a feature request for that already -

Haha! I’m the same. I don’t like messing with the hotkeys in case I f##k something else up. In Max the hotkey editor tells you what a key is already in use. As I’m still at the early stages of learning Blender I’m also try to cut back on workflow changing addons until I get used to the native tools.

Funnily enough, 1-2-3 is one of the native ways it’s done in Max, but I’ve never used it and always use the RT+click quad menu instead or the space bar cycle. I would also love to be able to cycle the translate tools on a single key. Having to look at the keyboard all the time for G/R/S slows me down. All part of the new learning curve, I suppose.

Also, I love the idea of context-sensitive tools. There is a script I use in Max that is a single hotkey for many modeling tools depending on vert/edge/face.

Same here,transitioned a couple of months ago,but I love how accessible it has become with 2.8. It replaced Maya for many cases in my pipeline already - really can’t wait to finally uninstall it for good. :slight_smile:

Have you seen this?

In the Keymap section of the prefs there is a dropdown with ‘Industry Standard’ keymap. Mostly Maya based.

Yes, I haven’t even dared to try it - I’m using boxcutter, hardops and machine’s addon’s quite frequently so I figured it’s better to stick to defaults as much as possible. Also, I jumped into Blender watching Jama’s grease pencil workflow, and he specifically said not to mess with keymaps :smiley: .

Eventually I’d like to migrate my whole Maya pipeline to Blender so it was just a minor inconvenience to get used to some of the stuff. Some of them I miss, but it’s a trade off I guess.

There is no built-in way to do this, but this would be an exceedingly simple operator to write in python.

Consider making it for yourself as an introduction to Blender scripting.

I haven’t tried it either. I’ve just changed nav to Maya style(pretty much industry standard) I actually like the Blender hotkey setup and I’ve only added a few custom. The Quick Favourite menus are really useful and save a lot of hotkeys.

I’m still on Max day to day and for work and won’t be switching any time some, but I’m really enjoying 2.80 and could eventually see myself migrate entirely. I’ve grown frustrated on the Max beta over the last few years and see Blender with a great and exciting future over the next few years. :slight_smile:

Yes, it would be very useful. That and multitap hotkeys. Unfortunately, coding is not my strong suit at all and I can only rely on the innovation of others. :wink: