single Mesh not moving. All others behaving normal

So I began work on my animation. I was apending the characters for the animation and on the 4th one it would not rotate.

the character would move back and forth within the map using the gizmo but would not rotate or break from it’s T pose. Out of curiosity I went into pose mode. nothing moved again.

Why is this one model remaining static?

Another thing is a model that has been working, when rotated the amature moves out of mesh. It rotates along with it but out of mesh

first post- did you accidently link rather than append your model? sounds like it from your description
second post- check your weights it sounds like you may have influence from other bones happening

redid it 3 times. same thing. On the meshes that did move. I found that rotating just the armature would move the entire thing. so that problem is solved