Single mesh or multiple objects for stylized toon character?

Hi everyone,

After looking through the “stella toon” tutorial, I am thoroughly confused about one thing. I keep hearing how important it is to make the mesh all quad polygons and single mesh so as to avoid ugly seams, but does this apply only for photo realistic models? The models I want to create are simple, toon-like, highly stylized characters, so do my models have to be single mesh or can I follow the principles in the stella toon tutorial? How does one create a character using multiple objects but avoid the look of seams? Then throw NURBS into the mix, and things get really confusing. I just want to create, like I said above, simple toon-like characters that are human, but highly stylized … so which is the best way to go? NURBS, single mesh, multiple objects like in the stella toon tut, etc…? Please help ! Thanks.

Firstly I think that you are confusing nurbs and subsurfs. Nurbs, while the have their uses (I use them for making ropes and cables etc.) aren’t used for character modelling much any more being replaced with the more versatile subsurfs. The stella tutorial uses subsurfs as far as I can remember. For subsurfs its best to use only quads as triangles can leave some artifacts. If you don’t subsurf your mesh maintaining only quads is unimportant.

Secondly, a mesh does not need to be continuous. For instance in object mode create a uvsphere and (again in object mode) create a cube and move them apart so that they don’t overlap. Then select both and press ctrl-j which joins the selected meshes. Even though they aren’t connected the are now one object as can be evidenced by entering edit mode. Also, if you add a new sphere, cube etc. while in edit mode the new verts created are added to the mesh you are currently editing and don’t create a new object. I believe that if you read further along in the Stella tutorial that the separate objects are joined to one mesh before rigging for animation.

Hope this helps