single out sections for proportional edit falloff?

This is a little hard for me to explain. say I have a big cube, and I want to make one side convex by grabbing a single vertex in the middle of in face, and drag it out slightly. Is there a way to freeze all the perimeter vertexes in place so that I end up with a cube with one convex face instead of a cubish thing with only the four vertexes on the corners left alone, and all the other perimeter vertexes stretched up and breaking the original plane of that face.

I hope that was clear enough, if not I’ll upload a file.

Select all of the faces that you do not want affected by the proportional edit and press H to hide them. Hidden faces are not effected by the proportional editing. When you are down press Alt-H to unhide.

OMG!! #$@%$%&

just yesterday I must have bumped H because half my mesh disappeared. I actually had to restore my last save, losing 1/2 to 1 hour of work.

thank you :slight_smile: