Single Renders vs. Animation

I could be totally wrong, but over the past few years of using blender and learning about filmmaking in general, it seems that still renders or single pictures get more respect than animations. A single render or picture is definitely easier to look at and judge quickly, but it only displays modeling, lighting, and texturing techniques. I know those are certainly important, but how many people at Pixar are actually required to model and texture a character or world? It’s necessary, but it seems that the brunt work is in animation and rigging – making things move.

Animation is tough and takes a lot of time, but it doesn’t seem to get as much respect as one stunning render. Renders are hard too, but I remember a few years ago there was this animation of an AT-AT from Star Wars that was fighting a rogue tauntaun. It involved tons of movement and details with little laser bolts and facial movements but it only got like 100 views or something.

Of course that’s one isolated example, but I’m sure whoever created that little video had to be able to model and light and animate and rig and know how to create facial expressions and tell a story – skills that I’m sure are very useful in the real world of 3d animation.

I guess I just wonder why single renders and pictures get more attention than complicated animation when in the real world of 3d animation, the majority of the work probably goes to the animators and riggers. That’s just some of my thoughts. What do you fellas and fellerettes think?

I think that because it is less work to do single renders and pictures.
More people are only doing Single Renders and Pictures.

To me, that is the only reason of a greater exposure of them.
There are more great pictures exposed than great animations because there are more pictures than animations done.

But I don’t think that people are disliking animations.

That just takes one second to like an image.
But to like an animation, you may need to take one minute or more waiting after streaming to load.
That may explain why people will not look at it.

And people who don’t do animations, may also hesitate to give an appreciation on a work they don’t feel themselves confident enough to judge.
So, although they could appreciate them as regular audience, they may simply avoid to spend time watching them.

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