Single vertex always selected-please help

I’m new to blender, but I’ve done a few of the tutorials…

I have opened a dxf model I made in MilkShape. It is a basic female body mesh I made to learn 3d modeling.
It opens fine but it has a single pink dot (a vertex?) that seems always to be selected.
If I select the mesh it turns a darker pink.
The only time it goes yellow is if I select the lamp or camera.
It doesn’t seem to be part of the mesh though, if I unweld the vertices at it’s point and explode the faces/edges away it is left behind.
It seems always selected yet not selected…?
I can’t seem to delete it (xkey) in fact I can’t seem to do anything with it.
I also can’t smooth my mesh or select a single vertex on the mesh, when I try a selection it just selects all the vertices every time!
I presume this is becuase of the extra vertex?
I can’t re-edit it in milkshape as it was only a demo version and it has expired.

Please help me, I’m going nuts trying to work it out!
I’ve got the blender guide 2.0 in pdf but it doesn’t seem to cover anything about removing an isolated vertex…



It’s not an isolated vertex, it’s the Center of the mesh object. You can’t delete it.


ahh right thanks, I suppose it was where I started creating the mesh as it isn’t located in the physical center of the mesh? and I presume there is no way of relocating it?
Thanks for the prompt reply, I’ve been going round in circles for literally the last 4 hours!


Hehe nm, I’ve moved it, thanks again!

there is an easy way to relocate it, go to the edit button (F9), and out of edit mode click the [center new] button

also worth mentioning, if you delete an object in edit mode, it’s center will remain as a piece of homeless clutter. If your object is in (object select?) mode ( bright pink mode ) it will clear everything including the center.

That’s because you can’t delete an object in edit mode. All you can do is delete it’s verticies. The object and it’s pivot remain.