Single vertex at each control point along path

I am modelling a tunnel with lights along its length. i would like to use a path object (converted to a mesh object) to position the lights. I created a path, positioned the control points (4), set the duplication to Verts, I also set the resolution to 1. Then i added a point light at the origin of the path, and parented the point light to the path (vertex mode). When i convert the path to a mesh, the lights do not fall on the control points, which is what i wanted. Is this possible, it would greatly simply the placement and control of the lights (about 50) in my tunnel?

Frame duplication would make more sense for distributing the lights, but could try using vector handles for the curve and get a vertex on each after converting.

Thanks for your help. I figured i could do what i wanted by starting with a single edge and extruding vertices from that along the path i wanted.