Just something to remind us that everyone is important, no matter what others may think.

  Think of yourself as the blue sphere. He may not look strong or important compared to the army of other spheres, but focus on something else for a second. He is the one that brings color and light into the world. That's you. If you want to make a difference in this world than be a difference. Being different and making a difference are very similar. Being different is the key to making a difference. No matter how small and unimportant you may think you are, you are the blue sphere. Bring color and light into the world! Be the one who stands against others to do the right thing. Be the one who stops tanks in their tracks by standing up for what you believe in. Whenever you feel like doing something stupid to fit in, think about the blue sphere that brings good things. If your friends tell you to do drugs to be cool or kill someone to fit in, think about the consequences. It will have a mass effect on both sides, no matter what happened. When someone is murdered, it has a huge effect on the victims side with the family and friends mourning the loss of a loved one. Then there is the effect it has on the killer's side with the family not trusting them anymore and being so disappointed in them for doing something the killer had been taught as a child was wrong. And then there is the effect on the friends of friends of friends. So before you do anything, no matter if it's murder, robbery, underage drinking, jumping of a building, drinking gallons upon gallons off water, smoking and/or other tobacco, just remember, everything is connected. Think about your whole life ahead of you. You have a future husband/wife that will be without their soulmate if you are dead or in prison. Be the little blue sphere. Make a difference. I once saw a video of a guy and his cousin that went to a big city with people all over the place. They then staged a kidnapping just inches from hundreds of people, and yet not one did something about it. They just carried on with their day as if nothing had happened. There was not a little blue sphere there that day. Be the one that risks their well-being for a complete and total stranger. Don't be one of the yellow spheres who stand by and do nothing. That is how the Holocaust happened. No one would stand up for others because of one reason: They don't want to risk their comfy little lives to help someone in need. That is also why Japan did not invade the mainland of the United States. Their was an entire country of people that would stand up for themselves and others. Be the different, one-of-a-kind person that helps somebody with their groceries or opens the door for the old lady in a walker. Be that different little blue sphere that makes a difference in the world. When things start going bad, trust in God to get you through it just fine. God is always leading, but we are not always heeding. No bad thing comes from God. When you are having troubles in your life, remember to trust in God to get you through them and that all good things come from God, and all bad things come from satan. If your having troubles, read your Bible if you have one, if not, then go buy one. Go to a few church services and learn some things. If you hear a voice that you think is God, make sure it matches the scriptures, if it doesn't match up then it's not God. If it does match, then you've just heard God. Don't force yourself into anything. Once you start trusting in God completely, your life will get a whole lot better. Be the little blue sphere that nobody expects anything to come out of. Then blow their minds by being the light in the world.


An individual illusion…

I nominate this for forum gallery. Not the picture, the paragraph.

In a room full of artists you would think there would be someone to make an illusion come to life. And its a bit long winded but it is a message to consider.

But you see that is half of the challenge, To take all that has been given to us by the powers that be and such as they are. To take it in, ingest it and make it part of our-self, And then do something original.

And doing original is hard, First you have to contend with a thousand pressures to conform. be it jaded cynicism, social sparing, and so many detractors from your focus.

Then you need to make that original thought. birth it, nurture it and shape it to an idea and being a thing and construct.

And if you can do all of that, You are half way on to ether being thought of as original, or mad.

But if you want bad to happen, I’ll tell you the recipe, Its not as complex as some people think. And it can be chopped up and expressed a hundred different ways, there is some schools of thought in history, psychology, philosophy and marketing that have some input and perspective on this too.

First you need a vocal minority who know they are right. Despite any evidence to the contrary. this population tends to directly attack any who conflict with their ideals.

Then you need those who are looking for identity, They will latch on to any pre-packaged identity and will seldom question the system. And don’t know enough about the ideals of the vocal minority, This population tends to shun as much as they attack those who disagree with them.

Then you have those who just want to take care of themselves, and will keep their head down, and stay out of the dialogue in favor of bringing home the bacon so their family can eat. These ones tend give the illusion that they agree with whatever the current idea on the table is.

And last but the most important, You need the scape goat. It don’t have to be a person. it can be an ideal, or some strawman.

But some free advice, Never ask for anyone to help, Point to someone and call them out and ask them by name. If a disaster happens don’t wait for someone to clean your streets. Just start on it yourself. Others will follow.

Thank you for all the feedback I have gotten so quickly! I mean, I literally just posted this at about 2:20 AM this morning and it’s already been approved and reviewed 3 times. This idea just popped into my head last night so I started working. The paragraph wasn’t in the original idea but once I started to write I just couldn’t stop. Once again, thank you for taking the time to reply!

I’m usually not a big fan of the motivational poster style, but the message seems sound (but please break it up into paragraphs).

If you placed this in a sort of presentation with the message attached, you may not need to actually have the text in the picture.

I tried to break it up into paragraphs, but it was almost 2:30 AM when I wrote this so it’s a miracle that the spelling is decent. And it seemed like when I pressed tab the first time it posted with only the first sentence when I didn’t even hit post.

Just want to jump in and add that I smoke cigarettes to be different. And, joseph raccoon:

As someone who has (at least I hope) reached the most wretched depths of jaded cynicism and self-doubt, I think I can say that self-faith always manages to remerge if it was ever there in the first place. The trick is to let yourself suffer, learn, “grow up”, adapt… but to keep your childhood in-tact through the storm; to refuse to internalize your suffering. If you no longer trust yourself, the powers can do anything they want with you. And that’s what’s going on with late capitalist society: the profit-seekers are turning feeble minds (which are most minds) into terminal cynics who renounce their own legitimacy and surrender their right to oppose. It’s a very effective strategy of confusion, moral veritgo, social division and alienation among like-minds, etc. It persuades us to see people dear to us as enemies. It persuade us to see ourselves as our enemies. After that, we’re nothing but commodities.

The danger of these ‘vocal minorities’ you speak of is quickly intensifying. The ultra-right of the West are going to take advantage of the situation–huge populations of people who have completely lost their identities–and do exactly what you said. Give them intentities. Make them to stand for something. Seize upon their despair and and the loss of meaning in their lives. This is exactly how the Nazi empire came about. I fear that history is repeating itself to the dot. Not even something to distinguish this event, just sheer historical redundancy. Pretty shameful. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m pessimistic.

Anyway, I was of the notion that this is the Artwork forum on BlenderArtists, but if there’s going to be a philosophical discussion, I’m game.

Thank you jouissance for your reply and I hope you’re wrong about history repeating itself too, but remember, the good has always come out on top. Hopefully if history repeats itself, then both parts repeat rather than just the bad part. Also, the whole paragraph thing was kind of last minute, it wasn’t even part of the original idea. Only the very first sentence was the original idea.

If they are not bothering you by ringing your doorbell, they find another obnoxious way to sell their Godcrap.
They just can’t leave normal people alone. And as it turns out, like allways in history, if you don’t want their religion they want you dead.
My religion says jesus, allah, boeda and batman or any other fantasy character can go suck eachothers dick.

Actually Muslim religion is the only major one that states you must kill all others of other religions. Many others, especially Christianity, actually state very emphatically NOT to kill. Matter of fact the bible says “love your enemies”.

As a student of history (if only as a hobby) the Muslim religion has both the greater and lesser holy conflict. It is in the lesser one where you use violence. And the greater one is the way of peace.

Any religion has its extremists who just insist on being That Person, Muslim, Christian, and hell even Atheist. And yes, There are many religions that do not have a god you worship or even a concept of the afterlife. For many cultures religion is simply what you do with your life.

Part of not being That Person is accepting that others do not have your world view and being civil about it. No need to name call, No need to genocide, Yes some cultures as a whole habitually do or do not do some things, Including each of all of our own. When we are measured by another’s standards of course we will have area’s where we fail.

The OP wasn’t trying to sell anyone anything, and this is a public forum, not your house.

If you’re not accusing the OP specifically, you should make that clear. But whatever the case, you’re the one being invasive and obnoxious. I know your type of atheist all too well… itching for opportunities for someone to mention ‘God’ so you can go on a bigoted rant about religion. And more often than not (as is the case here) it has nothing to do with what the person said.

When an evangelist rings your doorbell, feel free to tell them to screw off. But this isn’t called for.

I need a “Crap List” I mean yea ignore is useful for keeping a filter of who annoyed me and who does not. But then I have to click on that view post button.

But The OP expressed himself, in their OP. Some parts of their message I like, Others I did not. Some parts of their message is something I have considered and gone my own way on. But, Just because I do not agree with the OP does not mean they are worthy of my ridicule.

Part of the attitude I see here is why I have had to make two reports to the FBI in a year, (( Many hours of my life I won’t get back, And btw stalking someone to another forum to harass them there is something that might be covered by laws in some jurisdiction, But that is a slightly tangential matter)

Just because someone is wrong in your eyes, Is no reason to abandon decency.
Just because you feel you are right, Is no reason to be aggressive about it.

We come here to Art, Part of doing art is expressing yourself. Part of expressing yourself Is making due the best you can with the tools and skills you have. Another part of expressing yourself is listening when others talk. If you can’t do that you will end up arguing publicly with the strawman in your imagination

Before this thread gets locked which it is going to be, I am going to assume cart that you are an intelligent human being.

Now for my question. If you should be shipwrecked and end up on what you suppose is a desert island and while walking on the beach you found a rolex watch, would you assume that it just came into being by itself and landed up on the beach or would you think that somebody had made it?


I’m pretty sure this forum allows the posting of original art that comes with a religious message, it’s simply for display purposes in this case and it’s not explicitly trying to convert anyone.

If I went around to every thread containing a nude or a piece promoting atheism for the purpose of slamming the artist (which both are technically allowed by the way), it wouldn’t be long till I got a mountain of angry replies and a reprimand from the mods. The rules of the art forums assume that you would not reply to pieces that might be seen as offensive.

That was uncalled for. I was simply expressing myself through art and possibly helping those that needed this. I am only 15 and have been through a lot. I am trying to give others another chance. There is always a way out if you look hard enough. But in no way were you justified to use those words. I was not trying to sell anything. You do have freedom of expression but you must also accept the consequences that come with what you say and/or do. Just as I have accepted the consequences of putting this on a public forum. A public forum, not your house. In your house feel free to say what you want, but not on a public forum. I may not like it when others disagree with me, but I still respect them.

Ha what a joke.
Thank you for joining the increasingly popular Muslimbashing mob. At least I hate all of you equally.
No matter what the theory (bible, thora, koran,…) says they all have blood on their hands. Maybe you should look up what the budhist call Shamballa wars. It’s their version of jihad. Keep smiling o peaceful Dalai Lama. This horrible man with his dream of taking Tibet back to the religious led medieval slave state where monks can do anything to anyone who isn’t with them.
And of course (your) Christianity must be different. Inquisition? Protestants vs Catholics? Hitler and Bush in your god’s name?
Before you claim it is done by people who misused your religion and that it never says to kill, here are just a few of the countless, grotesk things (stoning?!) the fantastic book says:

Deuteronomy 22:20 “But if this charge is true, that the girl was not found a virgin, then they shall bring out the girl to the doorway of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her to death because she has committed an act of folly in Israel by playing the harlot in her father’s house; thus you shall purge the evil from among you.

“If a man is found lying with a married woman, then both of them shall die, the man who lay with the woman, and the woman; thus you shall purge the evil from Israel.

Ezekiel 23:24 “The mob will stone them and cut them down with their swords; they will kill their sons and daughters and burn down their houses.”

I could go on for days unfortunately.
They sure know how to “love their enemy”

I’m not opposed to violence, Just senseless violence.
And the reason to find a little compassion for your enemy is not to make peace, It is so one day you can move on
The reason to not hate your enemies, And yes hate and anger feel good. Their primal emotions. But they numb the rest of your mind and all of a sudden you find yourself trolling on a keyboard or carving up POW’s to serve for dinner. By and large it is the same mechanism. And what separates the two of them is not intensity of emotion, just opportunity and the degree of security one feels that there will be no retribution.

Hi raccoon,

Yes I certainly went all in with my comments, surprised they haven’t kicked me out yet.
If you feel it’s OK to abuse an art site to post a page of God ballshit you should equally allow me to use “profanity”.
Profanity never killed anyone, religion is by far the nr 1 cause of (unnecessary) death on the planet.
What you don’t understand that when I see this verbal poison HERE, an art site, it is offensive to me.
If you feel you need to run to the religious police (FBI) so I can be crucified and or tortured before I repent than please do.
They also can suck my beautiful dick.