sink each vertex separately in real time

Hello everyone,

I need help on how to make a script of destruction in real time;
by calculating the velocity of the object as a sink each vertex separately.

Anyone have any ideas or some blend?

Any help is welcome


Meaning what…? You want to calculate the objects velocity, then sink the collided vertex?

While it is possible to deform the mesh, the physics engine won’t allow you to recalculate the collision hull, so it’s pretty much a wasted effort when all is said and done; your damaged objects would still behave according to their original form.

Damage can still be simulated crudely by simply switching the object in question with derivative objects which represent appropriate levels of damage.

Or, you could create a composite object by parenting together an assortment of parts, each of which would be subject to independent damage levels. That’s a little more involved, but it should produce fairly believable results.