Sink toilet and bathtub game models

These are some game models for a bath room. Any one can have and use for personal or commercial use if you give me credit. I will be up loading the .blend tomorrow but here are some pics.

ps i would check this thread tomorrow if you want the .blend


Forgot the toilet

Here is the .blend

bathroomModels.blend (1.78 MB)

all models can be used with out giving me any credit, for what ever you want to use them for because i am re doing them all and i will not ever be using them so ignore the post above this one. Because that was just a old test for the 2.49 game engine and the next game is better all the way around.

Nice modeling. The bathtub is shaped a little oddly, especially in the middle, as it bends outward. However, it’s very low-poly. Nice job.