Sinkhole VFX Demo

This was my first all-out attempt at creating near-photorealistic visual effects. I have learned quite a bit from this project, and I believe I have developed a reliable technique/workflow for future VFX projects of mine. There’s definitely some room for improvement, but I am happy with the result!

Software utilized:
•Blender (camera motion tracking/reconstruction, scene modeling, fluid simulation, Cycles rendering, and compositing)
•Adobe Photoshop (merging images into HDRI, creating textures from digital photographs)

Equipment utilized:
•Cannon EOS 80D (capturing primary footage, capturing textures)
•Ricoh Theta S (capturing HDRI environment texture on location)

Hey this is really cool, I thought you only added the water at first :slight_smile:
My only criticism would be the water rippling. Maybe some small ripple is possible, but there’s nothing in the scene indicating strong winds to make the water move like that (and even then, it would be quite protected inside the sinkhole)