ok, still some modelling work to do, but any C&C welcome! Blender / Yafray with latest binary and cached pathlight…

Next steps are drilling a nice smooth hole for overflow… not sure how I’m going to do it yet!



wow thats very nice!! congratulations… maybe you can drill the hole using boolean opearations?

pretty cool it is! I was going to comment it over at, but then it’s better here.
I like the first one much better, it’s pretty natural, while on the contrary the other one is unnatural. I mean this is just not the sink that you see outdoors so often:)

For the hole, yep, I would try to convert it to a mesh, if it’s not already, then use boolean.
BTW, I was going to do a sink myself after looking at the reflections of my own, but no point anymore, I mean, why flood these forums with different versions of the same theme all the time? :slight_smile:

thanks all, will give the booleans a go, although I have had mixed results before!

the first sink is the normal domestic sort, but the second is the wild or feral species! Do you know nothing of natural history?!?!?!

btw erufailon, your BMW has inspired me to give modelling a car a go! not sure how far I will get with it though… the idea is to do a “concept” sports car, not model an existing one (I don’t have to be so accurate then!).

why not model another bathroom fitting? you could make a toilet or a bath! after a while we’d need a whole new “kitchen and bathroom art” forum…

i wouldnt use booleans if i were you. blenders booleans suck @$$. theyll give you a triangulated mesh with possibly missing or additional geometry, and which you should not try to apply subdiv on, because even after cleaning up the mesh (ALT-F, SHIFT-J) its still a disaster.


yes, i tried the booleans, and as expected the results were not good! It’s better to delete some vertices, add a hole then fill around, although I haven’t spent enough time yet to get that working right either!

The one thing that would be really great in blender for me would be good booleans… I’m too lazy to work out my whole model before I start modelling, I prefer to get the general shape then refine it to add detail later, and booleans are really useful if you work like that.

BTW, the knife script is great: has anyone made a version which can cut a 2d shape out of a 3d one yet?



Very nice render (yafray ??)

if you have use Yafray, can you tell me your parameters for white part ?
i need some to make my BMW Z3 render.

Good job :smiley:

yup, yafray!

no problem on the material:

Diffuse: RGB all 1.000
Spec: RGB all 1.000
Refl1: RGB all 0.366
Min reflection: 0.450

And that’s about it really! I didn’t really spend any time on it… those values seemed like a reasonable first guess, they looked ok so I didn’t bother tweaking!!!


Thats my method of choice, especially since i use 2.23 so i dont even GET booleans. Ah well.

Thats my method of choice, especially since i use 2.23 so i dont even GET booleans. Ah well.[/quote]

i do that too. all the time. i use 2.28 right now (except for scripts, cause they dont work) and i still never use booleans. im sure the coders put a lot of work into this function, but lets face it - it sucks… :-?

Thanks a lot for your answer. I’m very happy to see that Blender community is still and will be always nice like you :wink:
thanks again.