Sintel hair render test

Hello guys, I just try to figure how to give a new look to sintel just by adding a different hair style. Hope you like it. See you around.

90.000 strands! enjoy!
A little bit of tweaking on the material! :slight_smile:

250 strands for brows adn 166 for eyelids.

Color and light tweaking.

Hair retouch
Color tweak

Last update:

Hair thin added.
Material tweaking.

Render time: 2h 46m.
Hair: 90.000
Hair thin: 30.000
Brows: 250


Ilumination/composition/render - Emilio Riquelme
Character model - Sintel lite hair and cycles v2 by Andrew Price
Modeling: Sintel - Angela Guenette - Ponder


I can see you are trying same face expresion than our dear splash screen. :evilgrin:

Bravintel she is!

The hairs seem too much thick. It needs aproximately 4x thinner hair. Also it needs more segments (that is in the Render panel just below the B-spline “Steps” and it is a power of 2 so if you put it to 3 (the default value) you will have 2 elevated to 3 that is: 8 segments only for each strand of hair)

I am rendering a version with 7 steps, so it is soft and rounded jaja
Bravintel jaja I loved that.


It reminds me of the movie ‘Brave’ for some reason, must be the curly red hair, Sintel does seem to resemble the lead character as an adult in these images.

In the second image in post 5 look how few hairs are on their shoulders. That means you need much more hairs. Try up the number of children to 4x what you are using now at least. Probably more.

I loved your comment Ace, you say this render seem to be like brave princess but adult, I absolutely like the way she looks like, I love curls.

you are absolutely right, I used 1000 particles with 5 children, so the total numer of hair strands is: 5000, I should try may be 30/50 children.

BLONDE - 140,000 strands
BROWN - 110,000 strands
BLACK - 108,000 strands
RED - 90,000 strands <<<<<<<<

So the magic number for children is: 90 :smiley: well said, Bao, thank you, I’ll render it :wink:

90.000 strands! enjoy!


I counted them and…looks correct now.
They used a lot of layers for the hair of brave, I count 7 layers in this video: (go to 0:47 to see the hair layers)

A little bit of tweaking on the material, enjoy!


No, that is too much red. You honor with a bad render the number of that post!

I think I didn’t get you, besides the fact that you consider it is too much red, what did you mean?

I choose that color because I wanted brighter results, not just a sintel brunette :slight_smile: but a sexy redhead.

Number 13 of post brought a bad render.

With such red looks artificially tinted, not naturally tinted hair.

I understand what you said. All I have to say is: I am not looking for realism, I am looking for dramatism :slight_smile:
I really appreciate your opinion, Bao, thank your for being sincere.

I think that the dark background doesn’t help, a simple white bg would look better, I think :slight_smile: I’ll update.

JAJAJAJA #13 I get it now (I feel a little retarded XD)

90.000 hair strands
250 brows strands
166 strands for eyelids

Wow, I love the mouth lips position. The eyebrowns are also very good looking and also the eyelashes.
But the color of the hair, I understand it is a toon looking character but seems too much red for me. It reminds me of an artificial tinted hair and I don’t like that.
Looking in google for the more red girl I could find it was this one:

And sampling the highlight colors and comparing with yours:

Yours: E31314
Image: E13A10

So the difference is in the green channel where the image shows 27 (hexadecimal) more than yours.
Also your hair blocks completely the light entering, you can see it completely black below her ears. I would give the color more green and make it a little transparent so light enters. Or perhaps translucency instead transparency?

I am changing the main hair material :wink: adding more green, changing light settings, too :wink:

I am glad you like the eyebrows and eyelashes, I actually comb them literaly :smiley: jaja