Sintel has black lines under eyes.

I tried using the blender guru cycles hair tutorial, and tried to render it. it rendered, but Sintel has these weird black lines under her eyes. I don’t know how to fix it, so any help would be great, thanks.
A picture of my problem is here:

I am using blender 2.74.

A bit hard to see but aren’t those her eyelashes ?.I’m guessing that they aren’t following the parent/armature properly.

She’s just tired… :wink:

Yeah, looks like both eyelashes are on the bottom as if the eyes are closed, but the eyelids are actually open.

Ok, thanks, I will try it later.

Sorry guys, it doesn’t work :no:. have to try something else

oh, and by the way, sintel’s eyelashes are red, not black.

No blend file attached in the original post !

the blend file is here: scroll down and click download starter file.

One thing I noticed is that the line don’t appear when in rendered viewport mode… hmmm