Sintel in her teenage years!

OK, not really. This is a render of a character I made years ago - ten years in fact. I just watched Sintel and thought it had some similarities in style and hair color which means the Durian team TOTALLY STOLE MY IDEAS…
…I’m kidding of course! I barely showed this to anyone. It’s been sitting for almost ten years on my hard drive untouched. It was modeled in 3ds max version, oh, 2.5 or 3 at best. I remember testing a version of Blender back then… it wasn’t even open source, just a weird little in-house 3d program that some studio released as a free download. I was able to make a cube, anything else was beyond me. things have gotten WAY better since then…

Don’t tell me the anatomy sucks and the face is creepy, I know that, it was my very first character model ever. I just felt like sharing this.

This model makes me wonder how good you are with 3d modeling ATM.

yeah, they must be mind readers over there(mental powers over 9k!). :eek:

actually I have downloaded, but haven’t watched sintel yet,
thinking of just waiting till I get my dvd, but I might just succumb while waiting. :o

also, QFA @ xyz14.

I don’t think xyz14 meant any harm…I think he legitimately believes that this model is decent and after so many years of progressing his skills he must be “amazing” with modeling…but that is just my take.