sintel_lite rig probem

Hi, please see photo of my problem. I haven’t worked with character rigs much so I am starting off with the Sintel lite rig and getting it kind of figured out for animating, but I have one problem.

The rig is set up where there is a deformation cage and different articles of clothing and the model use a deform modifier with the deform cage set as the deform object that the clothing deforms to. Both her body and the shirt ties into the same deform cage and each has a deform modifier that chooses the cage to deform to.

But as you can see there is a problem with her back straps of her shirt. I thought I would be able to just tab into edit mode on the shirt and grab a couple verts and pull them out. When I do this there are NO verts to select (I think because it is using the deform modifier tied into the cage.

If I go and try to pull verts on the cage, it would deform change everything in the same way and I would still have the problem.

So how can I fix this straps? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I think the problem could be, that the deforming cage penetrates the mesh at the shoulders. Perhaps modifying the cage will solve that.

but because the skin mesh is also using the exact same deforming cage, wouldn’t the skin deform right along with it, essentially leaving me the same problem? I appreciate your thoughts, I’ve just never worked with these cages

Here is a pose which should be nearly the same. The mesh deforming cage does not intersect with the mesh. I thought that fixing this would be worth a try, because of this difference and my own experiments with this cages. I think, you have to bind the cage again after changing the geometry of the cage.

The file I used is from blendswap. It’s the ported cycles version with particle hair. I think, you used another one?

Update. There is still a little problem. I see two small errors on the straps.

But then I did, what you also thought of. I tabbed into editmode on the shirt and adjusted some vertices. The only thing I had to do before, was activation the modifier for edit mode.

Then everything stays in place and you can select the vertices.

Beautiful…I bet my problem is that edit cage during edit mode was not selected when I went into edit mode. I’m going to try it right now, I really appreciate your help minoribus