Sintel Reloaded (tutorial included)

Hey all,
To celebrate the release of the new strand rendering capabilities of blender, I’ve fully converted Sintel into Cycles, hair and all:

Watch or read the tutorial here:

Download the .blend from blendswap:

Based off the original Sintel Lite model by Ben Dansie.

Hope the tutorial is helpful to someone.

Take care,
Andrew Price


I like it! I think the specularity needs to be turned down a little bit, it almost looks as though her hair is made of stone. But for cycles it looks really promising!!

Btw skin looks awesome :smiley:

Agreed with the person above, if they ever make a new Sintel movie ( I think a base for it exists with the ending of the old one) I could see this as being the model they use.

It seems that Sintel realized at last, where to search for her dragon.
ha ha
Excellent work Andrew, I could vote it for the splash screen.

I quite like the lighting!

However, i find the hairs to be a bit stiff and there is a strange red glow coming from behind that i think has to be fixed.
Also, the left shoulder is a bit strange and it bends in an unnatural way.

Not bad overall anyway!

Any SSS, Price?

i have to say… I like the overall image but I am not fully convinced about the hair. I think the material needs some tweaking. Can I ask you why you didn’t use the new hair info node? Is very useful to fine control the hair material.

Uh huh … Sintel … the blender-babe. :wink:

@andrewprice, thank you very much for the tutorial! :yes:

Nah aint nobody got time for that.

The hair info node is only necessary if you need to say, change the color or size of the strands as they grow (link) for example. I didn’t want that so I didn’t use it.

I think the tweaking that you’re talking about is probably due to the strand width size (a bit chunky at the moment) and no anti aliasing supported yet. But I’ll re-render it tonight and see how it looks.

Looks pretty nice Andrew! I don’t know if its just because hair sim is new to Cycles…but it seems straw like…but Ive noticed it on nearly every render Ive seen, so its not just you! Its very promising for the future! (Also, I like the redish glow at the back!)

Andrew, I really enjoy your tutorials and this one is no exception. You have a great way of explaining things and you are really knowledgeable. Thank you for this.

I see! Thanks for the answer. I was also experimenting a bit with the new cycles hair and I found that giving that color variation or playing with the hair normals give a really nice effect on the hair.

Anyway thanks as always for your tutorial! They helped me a lot of times :wink:

Awesome job Andrew!

hmm cant say i like the hair much . Looks too simple and too shiney.

nice work,perfect!!

Help her hair with photoshop. It’s ugly.