Sintel sightings

Congratulations to the Durian team for turning a truly unique character …

… into yet another anorexic anime doll.

This was your chance to try something original, something distinctive, maybe even kick off a new trend. But instead you chose to waste Angela’s talent. It’s a disgrace.

Guys, if you think the new Sintel is more realistic, warrior-like or even sexy, here’s my advice: Stop downloading anime, turn off the computer, get out of the basement and meet some real females. You’re in for a big surprise.

Uh oh, if it wasn’t for Durian’s impact on 2.5 development, the Institute would have to decide whether it wants to go for something truly good or be forced to give all the DVD money back, then it goes bankrupt and closes, then the userbase picks up 2.5 development and continues without Ton who becomes the next Uwe Boll and wears a bag of shame over his face.:eek:

I kind of like the old model better myself though.

I don’t normally respond to posts like this, but allow me so slack to say the following:

Give me a break. A waste? A disgrace? You’re kidding, right?

Look, despite the incredibly impressive talent on this team, they’re up against some stiff odds… both creatively and technologically. It’s within their rights to develop and produce this short in accordance with whatever vision they see fit. I’m positive that the entire team’s input is considered in this production… especially with a team this small. There will be parts of the film that they’re proud of and there will be parts that will make them cringe to watch in public. And I can nearly guarantee that neither will be parts that most folks in the audience will pick up on. It’s part of the nature of the process. And as valuable as a character’s design is to the aesthetic of a film, it’s not the sole thing that’s ever going to define that film as unique or original. There’s more to it than that and to frame it any other way is shortsighted at the least.

And don’t worry, you’ll have your chance to change (fix?) the film after it’s released. That’s the beauty of the open movie concept. I look forward to watching your improved version.

what fweeb said

Final Fantasy XIII:

What Jeepster said.

Dude, how many sexy warrior women do you know in The Real World™?

The paint over kind of reminds me of this girl I used to hang out with who couldn’t keep her clothes on when she got a little liquor in her. Then again she did have the ‘anorexic anime doll’ look about her.

Oh, good times…wouldn’t have been half as entertaining if it didn’t bother the bar owner’s wife as much as it did.

So, what’s your point?

Artists in the same movement inspire other artists in the same movement.

Edit: BTW this is Monet and Renoir respectively.

What mikahl said.

This is the internet… everything becomes an anime one way or another. I have no idea what the hell this project is about, and tbh I dont care, just aslong as blender gets an update.

That’s the original purpose of the project.

It’s pretty obvious that Angela’s vision of the Sintel character was completely different. Maybe you guys don’t have much respect for her work, but I do. And I can see that her input has been rejected.

The new Sintel is an almost verbatim copy of an original character design by Naoyuki Onda. I guess that makes him an involuntary contributor to this project, since he wasn’t asked for permission. Angela, on the other hand, has been degraded to the equivalent of a contract worker. Her artistic contribution has been disregarded by whoever is in charge there. And that was a major mistake in my opinion.

Quite a few, actually. They don’t fight, but they do sports. It’s the modern equivalent.

I wouldn’t touch her. But I guess she has all it takes to become a pedophile’s wet dream. Finding an appropriate voice actress for her will be a challenge.

Or perhaps it’s just refinement, or artistic compromise with the team… teamwork is full of compromise.

Well, all I can say is, as a low-brow, unknowing buffoon, I am incredibly grateful to have someone so sophisticated and knowledgeable of the inner-most workings and decision making process of the Durian Team to tell me what a perverted, mindless idiot I am. Thank you so much. Please come to kioske anytime tomorrow to accept your “superiority in arts and humanities” award.

::slow clap::

Perhaps if you looked at the mood board you’d have figured out from the beginning they were aiming for an anime/Final Fantasy look, and less time bitching about it here

Want something realistic? The tool is there, go out and enjoy making one, I for one would support just as much as I support this project.

Oh and as for getting to know sexy women, I’m proud to say I am with one who is just as much into anime women as I am. Ahh, it’s good to have someone who understand the turn on of fantasy

Eh, I can relate to both sides of this argument. I too would like to see more natural, real women portrayed in media, but I also understand that that’s not what would be the most popular in this market. So, the Blender folks are right in trying to make this movie appeal to the largest group of people (within its target market - young people, anime, fantasy, video game fans). After all, the movie is intended to promote Blender to the world (internet).

I did. Did you?

you’d have figured out from the beginning they were aiming for an anime/Final Fantasy look

Who exactly is “they”?

Read this:

Is Angela a member of the team? Where’s her defining influence? It’s gone. Rejected. She’s doing contract work now.

Don’t neccesarily hang Ton for this, but quite a few comments on the Durian blog want a more anime look. (you will explode when I say one of the commentors (not a Durian team member) even wants the darker makeup around her eyes like that anime picture.)

Well it is what it is

Love it or hate it, it’s up to you. You’re in the minority

Angela’s work was fantastic agreed, but at the end of the day this is a team effort and I don’t see any complaints from her on the issue

And yes i did watch the mood board, that’s why I bought it up. Wow, sour grapes much? Your attitude does you no credit, and gives your opinion zero respect. there are more polite ways to make your point

At the end of the day I’m sure the durian team will come up with something great. People need to stop whining.