Sintel: The Game - Fork for UPBGE/game3


Shipwrecked galleon and water goody, goody (smile).B

then you’ll be sure to love the garway docks map :wink:

stuck working on gui and sorting assets.

still early, but the green ring is health obviously, and the tree is maybe going to be some kind of rage meter im thinking. it increases with damage dealt and/or damage received. once full, you would be able to enter a high damage state, with less defense. not sure, will need to actually test it. :thinking:

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heres the end result of my experimenting with the hud health and energy/rage elements!

The game is actually in a playable state, but a little legwork is required.

  • Clone the repository (Green button, Download Zip)
  • Click on the game3 folder with the @ numbers and download that repo, if you are feeling adventurous, then you can get “master”
  • copy the files INSIDE the “bge_game3_core” into “game3” of sintelgame. (game3 should have no folders)
  • open the blend “lib/levels/tundra_level_274.blend” and run in standalone. no other maps are done yet.

Other useful things

  • “sintel_game_classes” contains the game specific code, in which you are free to experiment with values in to change sintel code.
  • a “Graphics.cfg” is generated first run
    • “Shaders”: HIGH(full, x16), MEDIUM(no glossy, x4), LOW(shadeless mode)
    • “Debug”: show/hide [master, framerate, profile, debug props]

soon ill put up a new alpha release with a launcher.

This is awesome! I love the snowy trees!

thanks! glad someone likes the new stuff :smile:

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do you think you could do a youtube w/sidebyside?

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thatd be cool, but i dont have time for all that video edit stuff. not to mention i hate youtube in general…

if someone wants to post something like that on their channel, then by all means, welcome. i dont really care if any credit is given to me, as long as the original dev and the bf are properly credited.



Feel free to create a wiki page if you want


id actually like to write about what im doing here, but i havent the time so much.

incase any are wondering, im still working on this. game3 needs a big update pushed before i can get cracking on gameplay.

once the core is stable, it should be very fast to slap on stuff.

im also debating on adding my own content, guided by the info provided. as opposed to an exact recreation of what we had before.

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so much off topic… now im curious what @RandomPerson said :thinking:

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anyway, update actually. ive figured out the new changes that need to happen to game3 in order to continue working on this.

  • external event triggers
  • new player controller module for both player and ai interaction

a recent addition to game3 allows globally managed physics objects, essential part of any puzzle game with physics elements!


WOW ! good job man , nice graphics , keep it UP !!!

i have not forgotten about this project!! im still building the core systems to allow for faster iterative development. for a game thatll be mostly linear and scripted, that may seem overkill, but the core is something im reusing in several different projects.


this game is the last thing we need right now, it would be best you return ot this after all heavy tasks on yr schedule has been relief’d.


lol :joy: , this was funny comment

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lol yeah. it makes more sense if you know the other stuff im working now as well.

big things are coming for open world bge games :sunglasses: