Sintel: The Game - Fork for UPBGE/game3


Feel free to create a wiki page if you want


id actually like to write about what im doing here, but i havent the time so much.

incase any are wondering, im still working on this. game3 needs a big update pushed before i can get cracking on gameplay.

once the core is stable, it should be very fast to slap on stuff.

im also debating on adding my own content, guided by the info provided. as opposed to an exact recreation of what we had before.

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so much off topic… now im curious what @RPaladin said :thinking:

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anyway, update actually. ive figured out the new changes that need to happen to game3 in order to continue working on this.

  • external event triggers
  • new player controller module for both player and ai interaction

a recent addition to game3 allows globally managed physics objects, essential part of any puzzle game with physics elements!


WOW ! good job man , nice graphics , keep it UP !!!

i have not forgotten about this project!! im still building the core systems to allow for faster iterative development. for a game thatll be mostly linear and scripted, that may seem overkill, but the core is something im reusing in several different projects.


this game is the last thing we need right now, it would be best you return ot this after all heavy tasks on yr schedule has been relief’d.


lol :joy: , this was funny comment

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lol yeah. it makes more sense if you know the other stuff im working now as well.

big things are coming for open world bge games :sunglasses:


Did you just said open world , and BGE :crazy_face::scream::skull_and_crossbones::skull:

this isnt a chatty interweb thing. this is a forum for (moderately)intelligent communication.

please keep your irrelevant audio clips, giffys and memes at the door. its a waste of blenderartists server space.



Sorry about that

Like Unigine, i mean high performance vegetation, terrain and water waves features ? make us dream :joy:

For your Sintel game here how to get very productive :
(adding more objects details will make the game stand more appart)

  1. make rocks quickly
  2. quickly populate your level

the goal of this project is to finish it. there will be nothing fancy or groundbreaking.

assets will be ported from the original 2.5 blends.

for groundbreaking, see @Fred_K.S TBW project which also uses game3 core

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Are those open world features C++ on the engine or are they python extensions made by @Fred_K.S ?

they are part of my python game3 core. exclusive to upbge 0.2.0 mind you.


Repository is unavailable:

Where can I download this game ?

Just don’t want to start porting from scratch.

github didnt lend well to the asset heavy repo, so i took it down. when i get game3 to a more proper feature set (events and player controller module), i was going to put it onto my google drive and put the code on a repo without assets.

stay tuned, the first iteration of event system is under testing, which means the tundra map can finally have some gameplay added. a test build will be posted!

ill need some time to get the project in line with the latest game3 master. im very exited and have been waiting too long for this!