Sintel trailer!

After many weeks of fighting technology, here’s a first glimpse of this wonderful short film that’s shaping up here. With big thanks to Jan Morgenstern for the epic soundtrack, which as usual makes our humble creations look so much better!

We have less than 2 months now to finish this completely… imagine the tension that’s building up here to get everything perfect. For today, we’ll celebrate a big step forward. Enjoy!


Fricken cool stuff (German trying US slang)

This looks very promising - I hope the 2 month are enough to continue with that level.

seriously, that is one awesome trailer! i’ve watched it, like, 5 times…

GO DURIAN! :smiley:

p.s. Hi Lee! didn’t know you were a mod here… cool :slight_smile:

This has about 3400 views so far youtube, a couple are from me. And no doubt before this week is over, I will have watched it another 50 times.

The trailer is really nice, but what’s going on with the hairs?

Great music. Why do renders look more like in game video than a CG short? I suppose this was intentional.

This little team are awesome!

Two projects, software and movie at the same time!

You guys are brilliants!

I’m a bit confused - is it some kind of a WIP (as somebody wrote on youtube) or are there some final shots from the movie?

Indeed. We’re seeing that as the LAST BIG ISSUE that has to be solved before we can finish this movie. There have been many meetings and many attempts to get it right.
Once we solve it, watch the overall quality go up a notch or 50.

Looks really amazing.
watched it about 5 times and searched for things i don’t like… didn’t find anything…

Hi all…

IMHO: I’ve to admit that I don’t really like the character design, especially the old man and the fighters (see old posts on durian blog); the mix of manga/videogame/realistic style are not very well integrated and there is something odd with the modelling and shaders on the old man and the girl face seems to have always the same expression.
The Character Design is (imho, again) the weak part of the project since the first open-movie.
It’ s a pity to me because all the others aspect of the movie (animation, music, voices, rendering and so on) are improving year after year.
anyway, I’d like to see more :slight_smile:
good luck

IMPRESSIVE! :slight_smile:
Two issues:
#1. unless the film plot revolves around it, I don’t understand the emphasis on the big creature grabbing the baby bird (32"-34"). It’s the only part of the trailer which doesn’t fit because of the level of the detail.
#2. Logo. Didn’t like it from the start and the cross-fade from the desert scene to the logo confirmed my initial impression.

not as good as i expected but still nice. most shots look a bit empty and sterile (clean) for my taste, and not so well cinematographed…
however, i’m just saying what my first impression was. i know how hard it is to make such a short movie. :o

hey ,

the environment is great !!

the Music is Great !!

the animation in the snow fight scene is great !!

                      The trailer is really nice, but what's going on with the hairs?         

emm , yes …

the old-man hair :
yes , the hair looks not so good , there are a lot of improvements that can be done to hair , as example the strand thickness doesn’t become less at the end …

girl red-hair :
watch her on 0:29 & 0:33 , her hair looks a plasitc hair , it’s like fake hair

the girl’s mouth at 0:15 isn’t so beautiful

the camera view from 0:33 > 0:35 , the small beast is looking at a far-a-way place not the camera nor the girl , … how can this make sense ?

and the girl face seems to have always the same expression.
agree with you …
from 0:24 > 0:25 why is the girl happy suddenly then she become nervous back like before ?
look here
the environment is High Quality but why the characters are Strange ?

OMG , this is some kind of a shock , please fix this …

forgive me i i said anything wrong , but at least get the hair fixed …

Good Luck People …

Some sections of this film look really promising, I hope they shine through on the final!

I agree that the facial expressions need much more work to be done. When the baby dragon gets grabbed the facial expression of the woman is so unnatural. Doesn’t look very convincing in my opinion.

Also I noticed that the textures are a bit blurry, but I guess they just didn’t make final renders so they didn’t use high-res textures, did they? I hope stuff like the desert and the snow scene get better materials (I highly doubt the current materials are real materials but instead just placeholders to have anything to tease)!

The whole city environments look great and I totally love the shaman :)!

Good work, great job Durian Team! I hope final movie will be better. :yes:

Come on, guys! Watch out your comments!
The team worked very well and the result is completely awesome if you consider the time and the software in development.
Be easy! I got all your points. I agree that it’s not really perfect as many people expecting… but consider the hole circumstances… :slight_smile:

Congratulations for all team!!!

(sorry about my english)

sorry for the last post if it offended anyone [although i see it’s normal to crit]

i cheer the artists and i wish the film to bring even more success !! more than ED & BBB which i really enjoyed watching over and over … with friends and family , can’t wait to see the Durian DVD in my mail !!

Good Luck & keep the art coming !! :slight_smile:

Awesome! So looking forward to this!