(ManuelGrad) #1

Finally finished this 3D title animation for a fictional TV-show.
All names except the endcredits are entirely fictional too.

The two fluid simulations were done by my teammate Timo Socher in Houdini, the rest was done by me in Blender.
Editing + Comp with AfterEffects and Nuke.

Some Stills:


(50lpp) #2

Very professional look

(ManuelGrad) #3

thank you very much!

(julperado) #4


(Ivaylo Gogov [ivaydesign]) #5

wonderful job manitwo, just wonderful! :slight_smile:

(gr8!) #6

Great stuff! Love it!

(rombout) #7

sweet! makes me think of braking bad with the blue and the bottles and chemistry signs

(Meshmonkey) #8

Awesome job and great style! Looks very realistic. I love how the laboratory glass stuff at the end looks like a city skyline.

(ManuelGrad) #9

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

(joshbailey) #10

Is this a cycles render? Amazing stuff, really digging the houdini simulations. Great comp.

(ManuelGrad) #11

Yes, all cycles. Thanks :slight_smile:

(Bernardo) #12

great job! Really professional, congratulations! :slight_smile:

(rider_rebooted) #13

This is fantastic and something to aspire to well done! Can I ask how the shots were lit (HDRI? Emitting planes?) and what was surrounding the objects (causing reflections etc)? Also was the blue and white look done in grading?

(JuiceBoy42) #14

Really nice :smiley: would have maybe showed the title a bit earlier, to cue with the sound and image, but it looks super professional and I’d watch this show pure for the intro

(Rachel) #15

This is amazing work. I absolutely love the last shot of the bottles.

(Peter-N) #16

Dripping with style! Love it! If you don’t mind, could you please explain how you achieved the titles animation where the letters are appearing at different points? Was it hand animated?

(ManuelGrad) #17

Nearly all shots were lit with studio hdris + some “light-blockers” and emitting planes for fine tuning.
Big lightsources + reflective/refractive objects = pretty fast render times.
Cycles node-based approach was a life-saver – I could fine tune the hdri (rotation and strength) seen through refractions, reflections, and directly seen from the camera, all independently from one another. You can do some pretty cool tricks with nodes! :slight_smile:

The color combination mostly comes from the blue colored glass material, blenders film-look-curves, and final color grading.

(ManuelGrad) #18

Thank you all! Glad you guys like it!

(ctdabomb) #19

Certainly a cool looking intro! This is one of those projects I just want to enjoy, rather that critique its looks and search for errors.

(minoribus) #20

Oh how wonderful this is. Very inspiring work!