Sir Feathers, Cutthroat Bandit!


(rawrlungs) #1

Hey guys, here is a recently finished project I completed for the handpainted 3d bust challenge on sketchfab.

Sir Feathers the Cuttthroat Bandit. He steals from the rich… and keeps for himself. Based on the cheeky Kea, a native alpine parrot of New Zealand!

All modelled and textured inside blender

(Bart Veldhuizen) #2

You’re #featured! :+1:

(frederico4d) #3

This is beautiful, all painted inside blender? did you use mostly to paint in the 3d view or the 2d image? do you use any addon for it, or plain tools? looks awesome!

(MadeWithFeet) #4

I really enjoy this painting style !

(rawrlungs) #5

thanks Bart!

(rawrlungs) #6

hey, thanks! Yep all painted inside blender! Mainly I paint in the 3d view :slight_smile: I don’t use any add ons for painting, just the tools blender comes with already. I have been looking into bPainter recently though for layer support :open_mouth:


love it, it’s kinda cute.
also feel the need to work in my 3d painting skills now, do you have any tipps for learning resources or did you just teach yourself?

(Member) #8

Good job, :wink:

(Elias Romero) #9

I think the tiny hat just completes this character even more. Personally simple work like this I love, reminds me of certain games, Fable for example where simple and bold geometry and easy texturing does the work.

Clever you didn’t add the arms, its like a simple sculptor bust. Often times I see a lot of artwork being rushed to fit as much as possible. I think the color tones coexist with one another.

(Alejandro Cambra) #10

Ha, ha, ha, I love it! :smiley::+1:

(pachupp) #11

Great work.

(Mohamed Chahin) #12

Looooooove this !!

(rombout) #13

Well he aint steeling much without his wings :wink:

(dodeqaa) #14

Cute and badass :smiley: Awesome painting @rawrlungs!

(alf0) #15

nice work !!!

(buzzkirill) #16

The cutest bandit ever. Reminds me of a kakapo.