Sir Fratley + Tut
Vertex: 595
Edges: 1745
Faces: 1115

Ok this is my best human like model ever, yeah I know it’s pathetic. This is supposed to be sir Fratley from Final Fantasy 9. What made this one so good from all the others, well I have decided to make a video tutorial on how I did this one. But since blender freezes when I use any video capture software I’l write it down instead. [Maybe I’ll make a video tutorial later when blender 2.5 comes out].

Tutorial [For the common newb]

The first thing you have to do it to get a reference, like the one I used above. The best ones are both from side and front view, this makes it easier. But you can do it from front view only if you got a human or some two legged creature. If you are modeling a animal with four legs like a tiger or something you can make it with only side view.

When you got your reference or blueprint you load it into blender. Click View/Background image and then select your image and it will load. If you can’t see it click numpad 1. Now create a plane by clicking space/add/mesh/plane.
Follow the outer lines of the character by extruding the plane, don’t make it super detailed. As you can see on the image above it’s not a perfect model reference since the character doesn’t look the same on both sides. Therefore only make one leg and one arm, in this case the characters left hand and leg, from our view.

Model all the way up to the throat, leave the head and the hat for now. Now we got one leg and one arm, but the entire body. We need to cut the body in two, press “k” and then loop cut. Cut the body in half vertically, then remove the faces on the right side. Now we got half of the entire body, but it’s just a plane.

Press “a” and then “e” to extrude the character to make him thicker. Now delete the faces that goes from the dick all the way up to his throat. Now go into object mode and select the character, he is just a box now. Press “F9” and then click on the modifier button. Select the mirror modifier, and then do clipping. Connect the verticals between the mirror and the object so they fit perfectly together.

Now we got something that looks like the character but he is a boring box. Now we need to form him from the side. If you have a reference from both side and front view you look on the side view now by clicking numpad “3” I think, and follow the side reference. If not you have to improvise, it’s harder but more fun!

I will rush this because I’m in a hurry. First put two loops along the leg vertically. It will go all around. Put one loop on the arm and one loop on the arm from side view. Now tab out of edit mode and use multires on the object. Select catmull Clark decrease the level to 1 and then apply. Do this a few times to make the model rounder.

Now click multires again but this time you use simple subdivide. Increase the level til it’s really high poly. Around 14000 faces or something. Now you got one ugly character. But it will look better. Go into sculpt mode, then use it to divide the chest and give the character some form. When I make the video I’l explain it more in detail.

When you have given it some form, it doesn’t have to be super detailed. You go into object mode, you select the object and uses the decimate modifier on the object. Now decrease the poly count til it’s under 1000 or something. Til it looks ok but it should not be over 2000. Then apply, and then you select all the faces and press ctrl + t to convert all faces to triangles.

Now correct what you want to correct. Now you got the body, now the face. Create a box, use catmull Clark on it once. Pull the cheek down and then form the cube until it looks like a face. Remember this is super low poly, like my face above. For nice eyes and super detailed face expressions you need another tutorial. When the bold face is done pull it down till it connects with the neck.

Then select first the face then the body and then press ctrl + j to join the two objects. Connect the verticals with alt + m [merge], and then voila you got the character. Now tweak the whole thing until it looks good. Correct errors remove doubles etc…this tutorial wasn’t so detailed. But it works, and it’s good for making low poly characters for the BGE.

I’m going to make a video tutorial later, what video capture software do you guys use for blender. When I use cam studio pro my blender freezes afrer 3 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’l update this thread as I make improvements on the character, please give feedback and tell me if there is something to improve from the screen shot. Also if you got some texture techniques on how to texture a character like this please let me know. Because I suck at texturing.


Your mesh could be a lot cleaner, I doubt that would animate very well. Also, any particular reason why the hands are huge rectangles?

This looks quite good, i hope you havent saved it with the triangles though, wait until you’ve animated and textured the thing before converting to triangles.

Also if you loose some polys on the ear and tail and add a few edge loops for the knee/ shoulder/ elbow joints you’ll have a mesh that is good for animating and a final model that could be used on hand help systems, such as the PSP or something along those lines.

Thanks for the comments, remember it’s WIP. I will need to fix the hands and some other things before I animate it. And I created this thread to get some help and tips from the pros, that are obviously better at this than me.
What areas need to get fixed for it to be easy to animate? Everything xD??? The part that looks bad to me is the knee and down. But I’m not sure…If you want could you take a look at the blend and maybe make some small corrections for me. I would appreciate it :smiley:


game character.blend (173 KB)