Sísifo - Sisyphus - 60 days with Blender

This is the result of my first 40 days working in Blender. Original music too.

But I still have problems with rendering lights and textures with denoising and camera movement


nice animations, I especially like when the ball drops into the funnel and the cam follows the ball for a moment.

How many of the 40 days did it take you to render it out? :wink:

I rendered in 130 samples in 720x480 resolution, with default denoising, (0’5 keyframes/minute aprox.)

That’s impressive. Looks very professional for only 40 days. And its a nice story, too.

Did you create the music on the computer, too? If yes, which programs did you use?

Best regards and hats off,

I did create the music and the effect sounds in Reaper. Before I did composed melody and chords using a MIDI Keyboard in Kontakt with a piano samples library.