Sistani House: Earth build house

Hi Everybody,
First post here:)
This is an old work I’m trying to finish: It’s an 18th century house that doesn’t exist anymore. I didn’t planed at all to go to realism first, but time after time…
The point is that I would like the house itself to be the very central point, so the focus should not be disturbed by the surroundings, but I don’t want the house that was in a city to remain alone.
A lot of detailling remaining (textures, trees, people, windows…)
Rendered in Yafray.
Thank you for helping me getting it better.


Holy guacamole.

Some of the textures are a bit rough, but those are easily fixable and the scale of that background city is impressive. I think with the desaturation you made it stand out well. Nice work. Just a couple technical details besides the textures. The depth of field is a bit rough, you should crank up the AA to smooth it out and give the picture a more polished look, generally. That and the palm trees are a bit polygonal, it’s not very noticeable to me, but you’d be surprised what people will pick out of a picture.

That’s the problem, eh? If the palm trees were smooth I’d never notice, but everyone notices problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

There aren’t a lot though. This is pretty nice stuff.

The image is great but also crap. Sorry I say it but… some parts can really be better.
For example look at the roofs, weird blobs, should those not be domes, made of stone?
This is off course a Work In Progress.
Try to modify the main house, also those clouds look a bit weird, for Arabia.
Make the palm trees have a texture… Or is Crystal the theme you’re aiming for?
Keep up the good work. But fix those bugging issues.

Thank you for the comments.
It is a WIP you know, so hopefully this is crap ,:smiley:
, if not, I wouldn’t be around begging for help.
So to spare render time, the AA is very light for the moment (and therefore the dof, that I’m not so sure to keep).
For the textures, I’m just at the begining of it, and I’m not very good at it, so be patient for improvements…
I’m happy you liked the desatuation stuff BlackBoe, this is one thing that is not only thechnical that I really need comments on.

Anicator: the house is made of adobe (mud bricks), and the roof is just like that with a mud plaster to allow the water to flow to the gutters. Sorry I won’t change it. :slight_smile:
You are right for the sky, it is for the moment the HDRI map that you see (anyway it is not Arabia).
I will keep this texture for the background trees, but it’s tru the few foreground ones nedd something better…

Here is a render from the inside walls (I removed the roof and the outside side of the walls).
As it is not meant to be seen, there are some ugly things but it is to show how the building is done and what the ugly blobs are covering.:smiley:
The plane picture shows how it looked like.
I don’t really know how to texture those blobs to make them less ugly ?


I think the domes look fine, personally, I fully understand what mud plaster is. (AniCator :P) Also, I understand the textureless background thing to bring the foreground more forward. The rest of the house looks fine, but again, the textures just just be a little higher resolution.

I’m sorry for my rough approach.

No problem :),
and it showed me that what was obvious for me (the roof) wasn’t for somebody how doesn’t know the building. I stillI needs some work, sure…

Nice work. All comments below are to be taken as interested criticism, realising that I don’t know how far into the project you are, so I don’t know what you intend as your stopping point.
What are you working from? Photos? Drawings? How accurate is the model? (Professional curiosity…) Also: the photo and the drawing you show don’t look quite alike - which is your aim? And was the building really that monochromatic, or did it have some paint/plasterwork/decoration?
This is a common technique for presenting architecure - providing a backdrop that merely suggests, but doesn’t detail, a cityscape so the model can read as foreground. I have no complaints with what you’ve done - in fact, you could get even less detailed in the background. You might consider a slightly different perspective - you have a lot of sky and background you don’t need.
As far as the building: I don’t care for the striped texture at the sections - is this a temporary texture? I would prefer something that suggests the actual construction, while allowing it to read as sectional by contrast. Also, if you’re going for realism, you might want to make the textures higher resolution on the outside - it has the effect now of looking like a model of the building, rather than the real thing. (Not a bad thing - but you did say you were going for realism)
Keep it going, looking good!

Thanks for the long comment Eku.
So, for the first question, I modeled from mainly photographs (of poor quality like this one), 1 plan and 2 cuts that where partialy wrong (they where not coherent one with each other), measurements on the ruins and talking with people that knew the building very well. So the model is quite accurate (lets say 5cm acuracy). The vaults and cupola are almost exact as they were drawn following rules that I applied too. The roofing is much less accurate as in fact I had only few photographs for it and its thickness depends of the worker who did it…
Photo and my model don’t have the same orientation but they are very similar (or am I so blind ?) for the building itself. The surroundings are very different but I don’t mind.
The building was realy that monochromatic, just a mud/strand plaster (it was not a so rich house). We don’t know exactly about the interior.
Where am I aiming to ? In fact I don’t know. I just want to be proud of the image. I spent a lot of time modeling it to make it good, and then left it aside for long. As I’m not good at realism, I didn’t planned it, but then tried Yafray, liked it, started to texture it…
I know I will keep the background style, just add some details in the foreground.
For the model, just add windows and doors. The problem I have is to keep this monochromatic look, but if no texture, looks flat, and I didn’t find yet a texture to fit it.

And oh yes, I forgot this: the house was in Bam in Iran and was destroyed by the earthquake.

The modeling of the house is very good. I like the texture of the outside, but the stripes on the cutaway parts are jarring. I’d suggest removing many of the far away palm trees, the other buildings would look fine and fade into the background, as they should, but for the strange effect the transparent palms have creating a canopy over the buildings as one looks into the distance. This should give the impression of city, but with the palm trees merging together in the distance, it just looks odd. Keep a few near the building to suggest some greenery, but in the distance we should just see roofs.

You might want to increase the lens size to get more of the house in the picture and less of the background. Overall, when the texture issues are resolved, this could end up in the gallery. Good work.

looking good.nice approach to presentation

Thank you again for the comments.
Your advice was good, Orinoco, I removed most of the palm trees at the back. I still havo to make the transition with the background better.
I added the trees in the yard.

I have a problem with the textures:
I wanted to try it with procedurals. I have a crakle texture (voronoi) to make some cracks, but I don’t want the cracks to be everywhere. So I used a stencil cloud texture to make it appear only in some places. The problem is that if the cracks are only color, it works fine, but if the craks have NOR activated, then I have them everywhere just like if there where no stencil…:frowning:
The 2 small attachments show my problem: I just changed Col to Nor
Anyone has an advice ?


Small update, with my procedural textures without NOR on the cracks, as it still doesn’t work… I made a border render just for the building.
I reduced the striped texture too.
I started to model the bricks to replace it but it’s long :rolleyes:


5cm accuracy! Wow. That’s pretty good. This is the kind of thing that could be very useful for a museum display. Which brings me to…
I like the progres so far, but I see a conflict between wanting to make it look realistic and wanting it to look like a rendering of a diorama, like you might see in a museum. Personally, I’d go the route of diorama - trying to make it look like a real building is probably not achievable without investing a lot of time into the background. In that sense, the suggestion of mud bricks you’ve made with your textures is fine. You might consider UV-mapping, rather than procedurals, for mimicking a bricked appearance on the outside. (You did UV’s on the inside, yes?) Oh, and thanks for giving me some info I didn’t have: I never did know what stencils did! Gotta love this forum, eh?
The striped pattern for the section is just not working for me - even just pure black would be better.
Consider some subtle textures for the ground plane,and perhaps some topography and the suggestion of streets.
The black human figure is there for scale - but I’d consider replacing it with an alpha-mapped person. Or, perhaps furniture could fill that role - will you be adding furniture and other details?
Nice trees - povtree, L-system?
Edit: oh, and I wasn’t commenting on your model vs the photo, but rather the drawing vs. the model and the photo. The drawing looks almost like a different building.

I didn’t used UV at all. All the white line parts are modelled and use just another texture, simple white.
The trees are done with gen3.
The drawing as you say is just the same building rendered with the internal renderer and some wire material on a duplicate of the mesh, but without the outter faces of the walls.

I’m not so sure myself where I’m going to…

Thanh you for the interest…

No matter what critics have already been made, I think the model is great. I saw the building in reality just a few monthes ago. I mean what has been left after the quake. The vaults, even if some call it blobs, are fairly realistic, much more than on another 3D model attempt I found in the web for this house.
For the section I think the brick texture is not such a good solution, probably some darker (not purely black) texture would be the best. The perspective helps to understand the situation - it is not necessary to further ‘explain’ the cut surfaces of the walls with any hatches or masonry patterns.
What I like most is that there are no furnitures within the rooms. In my opinion the strong characteristic of the house is its architecture, the geometry of arches, vaults, openings and the white decorative profiles. This gives sufficent information to the observer to be busy with watching for a considerable amount of time. Please do not add too much unrelevant information to that.
For the texture I can only agree - due to the straw additives in the plaster there is a certain roughness in reality, but not that much as in your ‘crack attempt’. But I have no idea how to solve that.
Good luck for your further work - would be interested how much time in total you spent for this project so far.