Sit Down Animation

Been enjoying animating in Blender 3.0 and did a simple exercise to practice body mechanics and improve my animation. It could still use some polish in some places but its fine for the moment.


Hope you enjoy!
Kaylee J


Heck yeah! This may look like a simple exercise, but sitting down convincingly like that is not easy at all. I’d guess it took many hours of work. Great job, both with the animation and the small secondary details that bring it to life :smiley:


Thanks @joseph. It took me a few days. I haven’t really done any full body mechanics in a while other than an occasional walk cycle to test some rigs. I like doing more acting shots than full body movement, I’m better with the face :sweat_smile:. I’ve been watching Jean-Denis Haas on Youtube and have been learning lots of amazing animation techniques, tips and tricks that are helping me excel. I’m glad it looks good though… especially since I had no reference. :rofl:

Kaylee J

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