Site + Contest Entry .blend (WiP)

(iconjunky) #1


I`ve just got round to putting work so far for the blendergames contest up onto a new(ish) site.

Hopefully it`ll work ok for you.

Also i`ve put up a 3rd person type camera thing i had been workin on, where the camera rides along walls rather than going through them.(well sorta! :wink: )

Both files are .blend so feel free to poke around if ya want. Any feedback on the pool game would be great.(let me know if the balls stay on the table:) ) But please remember its wip.


(Pooba) #2

there wasn’t anything on the site.


(S_W) #3

Now there’s something on it, Pooba.
Great work iconjunky! The camera script seems to be very useful!
And the billiard table look very good, too!
Thanks for sharing it! :smiley:

(iconjunky) #4

Thanks S_W. :slight_smile:

Pooba, i hope the site worked for you in the end??


Only .blends to the community!

(OTO) #5

Hello iconjunky

Nice cam script!
Much better than the standard Blender one!!
A nice improvement it will be when the player is in straight places or corners the camera will go up a bit??!!

Anyway thanks very much, i guess i’ll adopt it :slight_smile: