Site Down

What happened to I tried to visit it from both my laptop and my phone (just to be sure it is not a home internet issue) and from both devices the site does not come up.


The sticky seems to have gone missing!

So there was a sticky about this? So I’m not the only one noticing this?

Anyone know what’s happened? Why the Blender site is down?

Is it really that important to raise a new thread. Do you think the whole Blender Foundation has packed up shop. I’ve just opened the site without any issues.

Site down! Site down!

Nobody pAnIC!!!

Anybody got my diazepam?? WHERE’S MY DIAZEPAM???


That’s why it wasnt working.

It’s Gone echoes


It’s not my fault. Please don’t blame me for the Blender site going down.

There backkkkk… ;D

If I earned a dollar for every time someone replies to a thread of being down…

Websites go down all the time, has gone down dozens of times over many years and the site is almost always back up a few hours later. In many cases, it’s a simple reality of the internet.

so is the blender site down?

Nope .


The sticky seems to have gone missing!

Is it really a good idea for a moderator on Blender’s biggest forum to come across as a sarcastic d-bag? I think some things need to be reconsidered if this forum is to have any semblance of respect, we are not Beyond Thunderdome yet…

I’m not saying I personally don’t get annoyed be certain posts, but mods should show restraint.

Are you saying that Mods can not have fun with their jobs? Just because he makes a joke doesn’t mean that he is not capable of doing his job, unless you expect all Mods. to be Drones. Anyways yes it is up, and I only posted a thread because this is the first time I have ever witnessed the site going down. I’m so sorry that offended some people. As for the seriousness of this forum, I believe it is a lack of serious art work. I’m not saying that some of the art isn’t great on here, but compare the art on here to the art on cgsociety.

I’m glad you have a sense of humor then, I assumed anyone with such a low post count would have taken it it as a less than warm welcome :wink: Mods, feel free to maintain an acerbic tone.

Well considering the art on CGSociety is done by seasoned proffesionals with the most state-of-the-art software available, I would hope they would be better, but have you seen some of the work done here by every day people using a free software!?!?!? It’s absolutely mind-blowing. :slight_smile:

This is the first time I had seen down as well but that’s no reason to get nasty. Just apologize and get back to work :slight_smile:

I’m not being nasty I’m just saying nobody should go off on a mod just because he wants to have a little fun. And don’t think that just because I have a low post count that I’m new, I’ve been watching this forum for a while now I’ve just recently signed up so that I could post my own questions and write my own opinions. And honestly I’ve used other programs (maya and max) and I have to say besides the renderer, blender is way better then those other programs. But I do have to agree, some of the work I have seen that was made by blender was absolutly stunning. Sintel for example, I think the story line sucked, but the modeling and effects were pretty damn good. I think we can get some more good talent to start using blender, this program could (one day in the not anytime soon future) could outdo Max and maya. Just look at how fast it grows.

Mods are people too :ba: . :wink:

Mods are awsome! And yes, I understand what your saying:)