Site Import Error

Whenever I use Blender, I get an error that says “error importing site, run with -v for more information.” And once I run -v, it tells me that there is a sys arg problem. How do I fix it? It still runs, but the error bugs me.

Just means you don’t have Python installed:


I did install it, but nothing happened.

Blender 2.40 uses Python 2.4 and if by “but nothing happened” you mean that you still got the message, then you need to set a PythonPath. See this thread:


Now, I;m getting 2 DLL errors, and that other one. I’m sooo confused.

Alright! Fixed it. :slight_smile: Yay. Now, at the top where it says i that red box, is it supposed to be red, or is it trying to tell me something?